Brace yourself! You might get hit or targeted, too!

This is a story with truly ‘incredible’ chapters:

  1. a real womaniser becomes a most violent bed partner and most deceptive business partner
  2. he gangs up with ‘mates’ in the Police force who protect him from prosecution or locking him up
  3. he brings in his accountant for ‘white collar stealing’
  4. he uses a gun and physical violence to extort company shares
  5. and succeeds in liquidating a successful company, extorting properties and eventually committing suicide.

That is Act I in two decades of victimisation. It will feature in Volume 2 of The Forensics of Legal Fraud. Volume 1 describes a most outrageous case of fraudulent banktruptcy that is representative of many such cases, including Paulette’s Act III.

Act II is about the extortion of properties.

Act III is about a fraudulent bankruptcy based on a non-existent debt.

Act IV is about two insurance claims.

The book will be the outcome of this collaboration between Paulette H Cooper and Sabine K McNeill, a ‘web voice’ for victims of white collar crimes.


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One response to “Brace yourself! You might get hit or targeted, too!


    I have suffered a similar experience..In my case they faked a bankruptcy order and then seized my home and destroyed my business. I am gobsmacked by the level of corruption.

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