This is an account of one of many ‘victims turned star fighters’.

Paulette’s case is one of four key samples that we presented to the Lord Chancellor and to the Business Minister.

It is also about having had to suffer from four key criminals:

  1. Royston Rogers who was physically extremely violent, a liar, thief and arch manipulator
  2. Alan White, his accountant who fiddled any accounts he could lay his hands on
  3. Richard Savill, a ‘consultant’ who manipulated the liquidation of a solvent company
  4. John King who arranged the transportation and hiding of stolen scaffolding stocks.

More shocking is that authorities helped the criminals rather than the victim:

  • the Police because they were “Rogers’ mates”
  • HM Court Services because ???
  • Inland Revenue because ???
  • Solicitors because ???
  • Judges because ???

7 responses to “About

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  2. H

    you are not alone. this sort of blatant criminality especialy towards otherwise successful women happens more than you would think! The problem is getting access to other victims. Thanks for speaking out and fighting your cause. I am still after them! H

  3. I am trying to contact Paulette Cooper who used to live on Dunvegan Drive Nottingham.

    My number is: 07956 428179

  4. I’m afraid she passed away, Stuart…

    Sorry not to have noticed your comment sooner!

  5. If it’s the same lady she used to live in Nottingham am owned a number of properties and was looking at doing some business with a solicitors (some sort of property company) the last time I spoke to her. She used to live in Top Valley in Nottingham

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