These documents are the ‘cornerstones’ of Paulette’s rightful ownership of her company and her houses. They are now published in the context of her book.

1. 1991: The Sale of Rablock Scaffolding Ltd to Mansfield Scaffolding Ltd

2. 1993: Repossession of Rogers’ former home by Bradford & Bingley

3. 1993: Bill for Conveyance of Cocketts Court

4. 1993: Purchase of Cocketts Court

5. 1993: High Court Summons

6. 1995: Bill for Conveyance of Inkersall Manor

7. Deed to Inkersall Manor

8. 1995: Bank statement showing that I paid the deposit on Inkersall

9. 1997: Bradford & Bingley established Rogers’ employment and income

10. NatWest Guarantee for Business Loan of £80K against Inkersall Manor

11. No. 1 Proof that Mrs W Rogers never had the £20K

12. Rogers’ Aunt Grace House repossession

13. Rogers’ Mistress took him to court for maintenance

14. Rogers’ Original Company Rablock Scaffolding Ltd £20K Fraud by wrong accoungtin

15. 1995: Share ownership in Mansfield Scaffolding Ltd


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