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The Forensics of Legal Fraud – on the Unscrupulousness of White Collar Criminals is now on Lulu!

Here you can buy what Paulette and I have been working on during the past few weeks.

It’s ‘riveting reading’.

It’s the result of real life experiences.

And it’s the commitment to a cause that is an expression of our time: the Zeitgeist (spirit of the time) of challenges.

The book is proof and evidence of

  • our dishonest money or money scam creating greed and corruption – unfortunately also in “respectable” professions and institutions
  • the police not investigating criminal behaviour
  • the judiciary system not providing justice for victims
  • white collar criminals getting away with murder.

May it make some difference to some readers, whether concerned as victim or as perpetrator!

Here you can read it online and download your own copy if you like.

Volume 1, based on the experiences of Mr Ebert, is available as book here and as pdf file here.

And here is an online petition targeted at The Rt Hon Lord Chancellor, the Business Minister and the Justice Select Committee: Public Inquiry into White Collar Crimes. After barely 24 hours more than 400 page views already!



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Brace yourself! You might get hit or targeted, too!

This is a story with truly ‘incredible’ chapters:

  1. a real womaniser becomes a most violent bed partner and most deceptive business partner
  2. he gangs up with ‘mates’ in the Police force who protect him from prosecution or locking him up
  3. he brings in his accountant for ‘white collar stealing’
  4. he uses a gun and physical violence to extort company shares
  5. and succeeds in liquidating a successful company, extorting properties and eventually committing suicide.

That is Act I in two decades of victimisation. It will feature in Volume 2 of The Forensics of Legal Fraud. Volume 1 describes a most outrageous case of fraudulent banktruptcy that is representative of many such cases, including Paulette’s Act III.

Act II is about the extortion of properties.

Act III is about a fraudulent bankruptcy based on a non-existent debt.

Act IV is about two insurance claims.

The book will be the outcome of this collaboration between Paulette H Cooper and Sabine K McNeill, a ‘web voice’ for victims of white collar crimes.

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